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We offer a wide array of services to parents and caregivers.

Parent Coaching

Support for adults caring for children and teens experiencing anxiety and depression, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnoses, and Gender Identity issues.


High Conflict Divorce

Support for parents who are experiencing the complexities of managing the end of a relationship while protecting the emotional welfare of the children, and adjusting to a "new normal" that may involve financial and geographical challenges.


Parental Alienation

Support for adults experiencing a divorce where one or both spouses are engaging in negative behaviors to intentionally derail the process or inflict unnecessary emotional pain on one another. Support for children who are experiencing a loyalty conflict as a result of being manipulated by one or both parents.


Parental Support General

Counseling for parents managing challenging behavior by their kids. In a judgment free space, parents can access the support they need for self-care and learn more ways to respond to their children's behaviors.

Let's Work Together

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