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Spiral Stairs

Our Counselors

Jerry W. Cox

No judgment or phony psychobabble. Jerry is about authenticity, insight, and empowerment. There are utilities inside of us that lead us toward growth. Sometimes we lose sight of our own capacities. Jerry is excellent at helping people use those utilities to take charge of their lives. Life should not be about coping; it should be about possibilities!

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Angie Miles

Extending genuine warmth and kindness to her clients, Angie is very approachable and it is very easy to talk to her. Angie is practical and grounded with a goal of empowering her clients. Key to this is creating a safe space for clients to be vulnerable and get the support they need as they move through life's challenges.

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When schedules do not allow for new clients, we are able to provide referrals to trusted colleagues.

My Approach
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